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   In the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University has students from China, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and other countries. Еvery year the number of foreign students studying in the university increases. If in 2004 there were 56 people, then in 2007 - is 148 people.

  Students enrolled on stationary, correspondence and preparatory departments.

Preparatory department

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  Foreign students have hostel. They can use the university library fund and participate in various cultural events. Teaching foreigners occurs together with Ukrainian students.

  Preparation of foreigners (foreign citizens and stateless persons) is under the Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons" from 02.04.94, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 26.02.93 № 136 "On learning of foreign citizens in Ukraine" and Regulations "On the admission of foreigners and stateless persons in the higher educational institutions", approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 05.08.98 № 1238.

  When a study of people who present (submit) document on education gained foreign countries (not the state standard of Ukraine) is mandatory procedure nostrification of documents on education, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in due course.

  All documents must be translated into Ukrainian and legalized by the Embassy of Ukraine.

Admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons

1.National Pedagogical Dragomanov University to study at foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine and have the document of secondary education.

2. Preparation of foreigners and stateless persons made in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners", the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 26.02.93 g. № 136 "On learning of foreign citizens in Ukraine" from 05.08.98 № 1238 "On approval of the admission of foreigners and stateless persons in the higher educational institutions ", Presidential Decree Ukraine from 25.03.94 g. № 112/94" On measures to develop economic cooperation with neighboring regions of Ukraine border regions of the Russian Federation "

3. Reception of foreigners for studies is based on:

- International agreements of Ukraine;

- National programs;

- University of contracts concluded with legal entities and individuals.

4. Foreigners who get state scholarships for international agreements, national programs or other international obligations of Ukraine, credited to study under the directions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine within the limits of the state order.

5. Foreigners of Ukrainian origin who received the assignment for studies of officially registered Ukrainian national and cultural societies for admission to universities in Ukraine in the areas of "teacher education" - specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of secondary education" ("Ukrainian language and literature" , "history", "art", "musical pedagogy and education", etc.), "philology" specialty "Ukrainian language and literature", "philology" and areas of training (specialties) "art", "history", "journalism" , "social science" have the same rights as the citizens of Ukraine.

When entering into other areas of training (specialties) foreigners of Ukrainian origin enjoy the same rights as the citizens of Ukraine, if they were participants of international Olympiads on general subjects, introductory test which is defined as a higher education institution profiling for entering the chosen course of study ( specialty).

6. Citizens of foreign countries who are legally resident in the territory of Ukraine, come to the university on the same basis as the citizens of Ukraine and the effect of these Regulations shall not apply.

7. Foreigners submit to the selection committee following documents:

- A certified copy of certificate of education (compulsory nostrification document on education) list subjects studied and obtained from them ratings (points);

- A medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV infection or help health-care setting on a medical examination for HIV;

- Medical health certificate confirming the opportunity to study in Ukraine climatic conditions in the relevant institutions;

- A copy of the birth certificate notarized;

- 8 photos 6 x 4 cm.

Candidate training must complete form of the sample and present a certificate of completion of training courses with certification indicating the Ukrainian language.

8. Reception of documents from foreign nationals held in the same terms established for the citizens of Ukraine.

9. Entrants who came to study under the agreement concluded between the ministries and departments of Ukraine and countries of residence are accepted without entrance examinations, the results of examinations stacked in higher education of the country of residence. Such entrants Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued a copy of referral to the education of the sample, and its original is sent to the university. A direction is issued for additional space over the plan public order established for the university.

10. Citizens of foreign countries who have no referrals are accepted to study at the interview with profiling subject. Applicants who have successfully passed the interview and recommended for admission, conclude an agreement on training with the guarantee of full compensation for the cost of training, according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 26.02.93 № 136.

11. Foreign students are guaranteed the rights and freedoms stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.


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