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   It was considered till recently, that the  history of our university dates from the 15th July 1920, when the Kievan National Education Institute(KNEI)formally appeared, and it was called in the honour of M.P.Dragomanov.  But the last decade’s historical-pedagocical researches, in-depth study of the respective archive documents and materials,  conducted discussions, scientific conferences and round table meetings admit the fact, that the date of  KNEI appearance was formal and falsified. They do not count it, that that KNEI formation had had more profound historical basis, segregated into organizational and institutional forms of systemic preparation of Kievan secular teachers, launched as far back as in 1834 by the Pedagogical Institute of St.Volodymir Kievan University. The latter generated the line of Kievan higher educational establishments, whose consecution and heritage of the evolution was strictly controlled and until 1917 and was actually provided by the Russian Empire Ministry of national education.  

     In 1920 KNEI  inherited its premises, its pedagogical and professorial staff, libraries and traditions of teaching personnel preparation of St.Volodymir Kievan University, of Kievan Teacher  Institute, Kievan Higher courses for women, Frebbel Preschool Preparation Institute etc.

In other words the establishment become the direct progeny of Pedagogical Institute of St. Volodymir University, whose successor for today is Dragomanov  National Pedagogical University .

    The date of NPU foundation is supposed to be the November, 21st  1834 (or December, 4th according to the new style)  Must be considered the date of foundation of NPU on November (on Decembers, 4 after new style).

Here’s a brief history of the University:

December, 4th (new style) – actual opening of the Special Pedagogical Establishment of St.Volodymir Kievan University;

May, 1935 – the graduation of the first external teachers who were certified by the Pedagogical Institute;

1858 – Pedagogical Institute had transformed into the Higher two-year pedagogical courses of the St.Volodymir University;

1863- Kievan Higher pedagogical courses were created on the basis of the Higher two-years pedagogical courses;

1867- installation of the Higher pedagogical courses of St.Volodymir University and its collaboration with “external” courses;

1909-Transformation of Kievan Higher pedagogical courses for men into the Teacher Institute;

1920- Inclusion of St.Volodymir Unversity , Higher courses for women( St.Olga University) , the Teacher Institute and other establishments to Dragomanov National Pedagogical Institute;

1933- Transformation of Dragomanov KNEI  into Gorky Kievan Pedagogical Institute(since 1936);

1991- Kievan State Pedagogical University was created on basis of Gorky Kievan Pedagogical Intitute ; it was bought back to the Dragomanov title.

1997-the University was given the statuts of the State University.

Restoration of  virtual history of higher pedagogical education and its leader Dragomanov NPU formation and development  is the topical question of Ukrainian National Renaissance, affirmation of Ukrainian sovereignty, authorized integration of the native education into European educational area as the deeply historical, fundamental, high-qualitative and respectively competitive education.


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